Lauren’s Top Tips: Creating a Productive Workspace

If you were to walk past my office on any given day when I was not sitting at my desk you'd probably assume I wasn't even working that day! That's due to the fact that I keep my office clear of clutter because that's what I personally need in order to create a...

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Lauren’s Favorites: Gadgets and Apps

I absolutely LOVE discovering new gadgets and apps that increase my productivity and just make my life easier. And once I discover them I become obsessed with telling everyone I know about my new find. To the point of annoying! I can definitely see this becoming a...

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Working From Home Was Not What I Thought

If you had of asked me a few years ago what would have helped me regain the work life balance that I was so desperately struggling to achieve, I would have answered with absolute conviction – working from home! Up until 2 years ago I worked in the corporate world. I...

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