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Get more time to serve your clients, live your life and focus on the work you actually enjoy


Chances are you never dreamed of spending your time replying to emails, balancing your books and chasing up payments…

(What do you mean those things don’t light you up?)

You started your business so that you could make money doing the things you love. And if you had a choice, you’d much rather be creating things, connecting with like-minded people and inspiring others. But here you are…

Overwhelmed. Chasing your tail. And struggling to enthusiastically jump out of bed in the morning?

Well guess what? You DO have a choice!

All it takes is knowing your strengths, automating or outsourcing your weak spots and getting back to the things that light you up.

Sound like another huge thing you don’t have time for? That’s where I come in!

You can intentionally design your business to suit you


Hey, I’m Lauren…

And I help overwhelmed biz-owning women like you embrace their strengths, get clear on their customer journey and maximise their impact (without adding to the never ending task list!).

The result is more time and energy, better ability to serve your clients (AKA happier clients!) and less time doing the things you don’t even enjoy.

Optimizing snooze-worthy systems and processes is my superpower (one I’ve used to help companies like Priceline Pharmacy, Bakers Delight and Boost Juice Bars).

And now I’m keen to help you intentionally design your business to work for you!


Get to know your innate thinking preferences so you can design a business that truly suits you.


Evaluate your current working environment, tools and resources to ensure you’re playing to your strengths.

Simplify your current systems and streamline your workflow in a way that will free up your time for things you enjoy.

Gain the time and mental space you need to consistently deliver an exception customer experience.


My biggest challenge prior to working with Lauren was using my time efficiently. I was constantly overwhelmed with tasks that I found difficult to prioritise and my time seemed to disintegrate into thin air! Lauren helped me to systematically review where I was spending time in my business, to prioritise these activities and actually schedule them into my diary so I could see where my time was going and make better decisions. I now KNOW what I need to do daily, weekly and monthly to build my business and I have complete transparency and accountability about how I spend my time. As a well-educated and seasoned business person, I didn’t think I’d need this kind of help in my business – but it turns out that I did! I now feel in control of my time and I know that everything I scheduled will make a difference to my bottom line. I highly recommend Lauren to help you with any productivity problem – she is super clever, patient and kind. Thanks so much Lauren, for helping me to get back in control of my business!

Angela Koning | Equenti Leadership & Learning

Before working with Lauren Stratford, I was struggling to keep up with the never-ending demands of my business and workload. Lauren helped me to better understand my way of thinking and offered tangible ways on how to apply this knowledge to increase productivity. Understanding this has helped me to implement productivity tools and tips that make me more efficient (and less stressed!). I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who needs to gain more control of their business or job, or even simply needs a sounding board or extra tips on how to be more productive.

Marianne Marchesi | Legalite

I feel supported and inspired, I’m creative but am not pro-active enough as I was stumbling and uncertain of how to approach a lot of my marketing. I feel Lauren Stratford offers me clever bite size suggestions and solutions. I’ve always worked chaotically and I’m finally feeling capable and organised! Lauren looks at who I am, how I work, picks out my strengths and offers help where I falter – love her humour and straight forward common sense.

Carmela Pagano | Amazing Mindful Kids

I would like to thank Lauren from Seriously Sorted in assisting me in creating more of a work life balance in my business and with helping me with my business CRM. Lauren was able to give me insight and a different perspective on how to better my CRM experience and the tools to create a more streamlined approach to my business. These tools have helped me optimise my time and to create a more fluid experience for my clients. Thank you again Lauren! It has been a pleasure working with you.

Basirah Aria | Avari Couture Collections

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