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Empowering women to break through their productivity barriers and take control of their business.


We all have those days when we think “Wow! I achieved more in the past 2 hours than I have all week! Why can’t I be this productive all the time?”

The reality for a lot of women in business, particularly when you run it solo is that you have so many responsibilities and hats to wear that its overwhelming to make a decision on what project to tackle next. We can become so caught up in the volume of work and the stress that we often put on ourselves that we end up achieving very little, which in turn brings on an additional dose of stress!

Using a combined coaching and consulting approach, Lauren will help you sift through the mindset clutter and support you as you smash through your productivity barriers and challenges. Lauren’s goal for you is to regain clarity and control and ultimately reignite the passion you have for your business!


Understand your thinking preferences and how they influence your communication, problem solving and decision making.

Review your working environment, tools and resources to ensure you have the best possible foundation and support structure.


Simplify your current systems and apply processes and procedures to create a streamlined workflow that will free up your time.


Implement strategies to prioritise your workload, increase your productivity and take back control of your business.


Lauren has over 10 years of experience in the sales, marketing, project management and property development industries, working with some of Australia’s most prominent brands.

It is her passion to empower women to break through their productivity barriers in order to take control of their business. Lauren’s attention to detail and personable and approachable style makes her the go-to expert to get your business Seriously Sorted!

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Lauren’s Top Tips: Creating a Productive Workspace

If you were to walk past my office on any given day when I was not sitting at my desk you'd probably assume I wasn't even working that day! That's due to the fact that I keep my office clear of clutter because that's what I personally need in order to create a...

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Lauren’s Favorites: Gadgets and Apps

I absolutely LOVE discovering new gadgets and apps that increase my productivity and just make my life easier. And once I discover them I become obsessed with telling everyone I know about my new find. To the point of annoying! I can definitely see this becoming a...

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Working From Home Was Not What I Thought

If you had of asked me a few years ago what would have helped me regain the work life balance that I was so desperately struggling to achieve, I would have answered with absolute conviction – working from home! Up until 2 years ago I worked in the corporate world. I...

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